2nd Generation of Wedge Tap Connectors

Established in 2014, SIGCON Connectors and Fittings is a Canadian manufacturer of electrical connectors for the utility Industry.

SIGCON C&F brings a new Second Generation Bolt Actuated Wedge Tap connector to the market. Tested to exceed industry standards.

The SIGMA connector has many new and innovative characteristics that gives our customers more flexibility, proven reliability and safety.

  The SIGMA Connector simplifies the current industry's operations and infrastructure by resolving all issues concerning safety, efficiency, tooling maintenance, explosives training, and budgeting.

Key Features:

ANSI 119.4 CLASS "AA" - Approved

Compact assembly with no loose parts

Quick & Easy to install; Friendly Hot Stick application

No SAFETY concerns or specialized TRAINING

Minimum Stock required for same range of conductors to AMPACT and WEJTAP connectors

No special TOOLING or explosive cartridge required for installation

No special licensing or storage required for explosives cartridge

Made in CANADA